Our Services


Speech Pathologists from South Coast Speech Pathology use formal and informal assessments first and foremost to guide therapy goals, and to show therapy progress. 

Assessment also helps us to:

  • Support diagnosis and/or applications for funding
  • Show evidence of an individual’s strengths and challenges for childcares, schools, workplaces
  • Provide inclusive strategies for promoting communication development, social engagement and learning 

South Coast Speech Pathology (SCSP) provides therapy sessions and programs that are designed to build on individual strengths, and to strengthen developing areas. Our Speech Pathologists are trained in a number of specific techniques and programs. However, therapy is always based on a combination of evidence-based techniques and strategies designed to create an individualised approach that aligns with the client’s goals and priorities. Speech therapy is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach! 

We are also happy to develop home programs to empower families and caregivers to achieve therapy progress. This is particularly important for clients who are in rural or remote areas who don’t have access to regular Speech Pathology sessions. For these clients, we also offer in person outreach services supported by real time Telehealth sessions.

Literacy Programs

Being able to read and write is a fundamental human right, however it is not something that we are born with the “hard wiring” to do. It is something that must be taught. 

South Coast Speech Pathology (SCSP) aims to make quality literacy instruction accessible and affordable. We offer evidence based home programs for those who are unable to access traditional therapy services. 

Our Literacy Programs are tailored to suit you, and provide clear instructions so that parents, carers and educators can easily and confidently deliver the program. SCSP provides remote support to complement the program. 

We always begin with an initial assessment to guide the development of the literacy program.  At the end of each term, a review assessment will take place to show progress, and to help guide the next step. These initial and review assessments can take place in person or via real-time telehealth.

Training and Consultation

South Coast Speech Pathology offers in person and Telehealth training and consultation to caregivers and educators. 

For parents and caregivers:

  • Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk 
  • Circle of Security: Parenting
  • Creating positive mealtimes 

For educators and service providers: 

  • Literacy based learning difficulties 
  • Feeding and mealtime strategies
  • Supporting children with speech and language difficulties in the classroom 

Online health services are becoming increasingly popular as internet connections improve and individuals have more and more control over how and where they receive services. 

Speech Pathologists can use real-time Telehealth to do assessments and therapy over the internet. South Coast Speech Pathology (SCSP) views Teletherapy as the perfect side-kick for supporting families and individuals who live in rural and remote areas and can’t access regular in-person appointments. 

Telehealth occurs in real-time; it’s just like having an in-person consultation with a Speech Pathologist. All you will need is a computer (with a webcam and microphone) or an iPad/tablet and a reliable internet connection. We will guide you through the few simple steps required to connect to your appointment on the day. 

Whilst Telehealth is rapidly becoming a preferred option for many families and individuals, South Coast Speech Pathology values community links and local connections. Therefore, where possible, SCSP will provide in-person outreach services to clients as part of their Telehealth therapy.